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MedMogul PD kit -Avalon University School of Medicine



Avalon Medical Diagnostic Kit Product Details

This kit is intended to be used for students attending Avalon Medical School.

  • Medline Tape Measure
  • ADC Diagnostix 703 Series Aneroid Sphygmomanometer (blood pressure set)
  • ADC Standard otoscope/ophthalmoscope 2.5v Instrument Set (Standard Option)
  • MedMogul Medical Bag (Black Nylon)
  • Grafco Babinski Percussion Hammer
  • Grafco C128 fixed weight and C512 w/o weight tuning forks
  • Medline 351 Penlight (6 pack)
  • Medline Latex-free tourniquets (5ct)
  • Medline Sterile Tongue Depressor, Adult, 6” (25ct)
  • McCoy Ultimate Snellen/Rosenbaum pocket eye chart
  • Medline medium sterile alcohol prep pad (50ct)
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Product Description


MedMogul PD kit Designed for Avalon University




*ADC Standard 2.5v Instrument Set 5210 

  • Ophthalmoscope head with lens wheel features 24 corrective lenses from -25 to +40 diopters.
  • otoscope head and removeable 4x magnifying lens, and insufflator fitting
  • Bayonet head locking mount for secure connection to the battery handle
  • Welch Allyn disposable polypropylene ear specula in 2.75mm and 4.25mm sizes are convenient, safe, and economical.
  • “C” cell powered battery handle with rheostatic on/off switch (Battery not included)
  • Adapter to allow use with Welch Allyn or compatible disposable specula

Medline Tape Measure:

  • Tape enclosed in compact container
  • Measures in inches and centimeters (60”/150cm)
  • Push button retract

ADC Diagnostix 703 Series Aneroid Sphygmomanometer (blood pressure set) Similarly used in practicals and examinations:

  • A versatile palm style aneroid sphygmomanometer. Precise and rugged durability.
  • Revolutionary palm style manometer with integral latex-free bulb and trigger style air release valve for one-hand convenience.
  • Complete with leatherette carrying case.
  • Only Includes ADULT size cuff

MedMogul Nylon  Medical Bag (black)

  • Multi Pocketed bag
  • Weighs 1 lb
  • Size (H x W x L) – 14” x 9.5” x 6” .

Grahamfield Babinski Percussion Hammer

  • 9” Chrome plated hammer
  • Adjustable head can be oriented in two directions
  • unscrewable pin

Grafco C128 fixed weight and C512 w/o weight tuning forks

  • Aluminum alloy tuning fork: corrosion and tarnishing resistant
  • Tines are 1¾” long and ⅜” diameter

Medline Penlight (6 pack)

  • Sealed concentric beam, disposable diagnostic penlkight
  • Activated by depressing the stainless steel pocket clip
  • Measure 5” long ½ diameter

Medline Latex-free tourniquets (5ct)

  • 1” x 18” size
  • 5 Individually rolled and banded blue in color.
  • latex free

Medline Sterile Tongue Depressor, Adult, 6” (25ct)

  • Sterile individually wrapped high quality tongue depressor

Mccoy Ultimate Snellen/Rosenbaum pocket eye chart

  • Pocket eye chart . One side Snellen , other Rosenbaum
  • plastic is sanitizable .
  • cm/inches ruler intended to be placed six ft away from viewer
  • size 18½cm x 10cm

Medline medium sterile alcohol prep pad (50ct)

  • Alcohol prep pad product
  • Sterile, saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol
  • laxex-free


3M Littmann Classic II S.E Stethoscope , Black Tube, 28 inch, model #2201

  • Two-sided traditional combination chest piece
  • Turnable diaphragm on one side, and traditional bell on other
  • Anatomically designed headset
  • Patended 3M Littmann Snap Tight Soft-sealing eartips- Durable, latex-free design


3M Littmann Cardiology iii stethoscope, Black tube, 28inch, Model #3128

  • The only dual-sided chestpiece in the Cardiology line provides versatile auscultation for both adult and pediatric patients
  • Two tunable diaphragms respond with a simple pressure change to capture low and high-frequency sounds
  • Expand versatility by converting pediatric side to open bell for low frequencies, using the nonchill bell sleeve (included)
  • Two-in-one tube design (dual lumen) eliminates noise interference from two external tubes rubbing together
  • Anatomically designed headset is angled to meet the path of the ear canal




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Littmann Classic II S.E. Stethoscope #2201 Black, None, Littmann Cardiology iii Stethoscope #3128 Black, Littmann Classic 3 SE , Black