FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions


1) Why Purchase from MedMogul?

Its Simple! Make one purchase and all your items come in one package, sent directly to your door step. We understand the life of a medical student is incredibly busy and that time matters, whether its to study or spend your breaks with friends and family. That is why we are here to help and simplify the process for you.
Our prices are competitive whether your searching for individual items or an entire kit, we try to make it a bargain for you!

2) How long will shipping take?

We try to ship all items either same day or next day. Excluding Sunday. We ship to all USA locations USPS Priority mail 2-3 business day delivery.
Canada delivery- UPS ground shipping with estimated delivery of 7-12 days. Shipping to UK will take 5-7days. Please note, international shipping is subject to custom charges in which customer is responsible for making payment.  

3) The kit says it can be used in Grenada or *Ross university but can this work for any other school or program?

The PD kit works for any school or program. . Most schools require the basic items that we have listed. Customers using this kit must confirm before purchasing that it will meet your needs.

5) If MedMogul cannot ship to my country , what are my options?

If MedMogul cannot ship to your country, don’t worry! Many customers use third party shipping companies to forward their package to their final destination. Although, we are not affiliated with any company of any kind, you may wish to visit www.skybox.net . Customers are responsible for contacting and setting up arrangements for shipping forwarders. MedMogul must also be notified of this. 

6)I have a coupon code and I don't know where to enter it.

Please ensure your coupon codes are entered on the page labeled “CART” . Any coupon code entered on the checkout page will be invalid.

7)Is MedMogul associated , affiliated , endosed by any school or company or organization?

Absolutely not. we are not endorsed, affiliated, nor associated by any school or company. We are a small family owned company that provides big name products with excellent small business customer service..


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